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#About us

We are an accounting office employing young and ambitious economists. Our work is characterized by a project-based approach to the commissioned services. Here at BUCHMANN, we are fully aware that each enterprise demands individual solutions. This is exactly why we put emphasis on innovativeness based on full automatisation and simplification of the procedures. Special, dedicated computer software and the so called‚ cloud computing’ allow digitalization of a few thousand accounting / human resources documents in a monthly settlement period

The comprehensiveness of the services we offer goes beyond keeping documents, drawing-up analyses or balancing costs, by us taking responsibility for the appropriate course of these procedures

We provide innovative solutions in the scope of accounting/human resources services, automatisation of the processes, transparency in contacts with clients, high level of service, customization of services, business analyses and a number of IT solutions speeding up the financial/accounting processes

The solutions offered are flexible and adapted to the volume and specific needs of particular clients

As a company we guarantee that proceedings are compliant with the applicable laws and regulations. We put every effort into developing our knowledge and qualifications, which allows us to provide the highest level of services to our clients

We well understand how essential time, peace of mind and certainty that each element of your business is professionally and comprehensively handled up to the highest of standards are

We put emphasis on innovativeness making use of full automatisation of  financial / accounting solutions. In our work, we incorporate IT solutions facilitating the processes of reporting and entering documentation into the system, in accordance with the clients’ guidelines. Owing to the BCloud service, our clients have access to their data 24  / 7 from any place in the world

We know that comprehensive solutions spell success like nothing else. We support management, watch the costs, advise, take responsibility for and optimize our clients’ businesses.  In days of fierce competition on the market, we build long-lasting relationships with our clients. Our service is competitive in terms of price and based on an advanced, high quality product

The development of the Internet allows moving of more and more financial solutions into cyberspace. In our service, most of the operations take place online which in turn means significant savings of time and energy

To maximize profits it might be a good idea to transfer some of the tasks to the outsourcing company. We can assure you that the way we manage our accounting office provides the appropriate level of accounting / human resources service

Thanks to us, our clients receive modern solutions and can avoid the omnipresent bureaucracy. We focus on innovativeness and improvements