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MeeApp+ System (MAP)

The system offered is a highly-technological solution for management system. MeeApp+ is an integrated, easily accessible,  client-oriented system for facilitating business management and direct contact with outsourcing service providers

The data in the system is the basis for making effective decisions between the client and service provider. The information technology tools successfully support  our CRM -based approach. They help us develop a better understanding of clients’ needs, which allows their full satisfaction

MAP Strategy: The philosophy of this strategy means client-focused approach, which allows exchanging and archiving of company’s basic data, optimization-oriented utilisation of existing resources, reducing costs and improving business processes 

Managing electronic documentation

MeeApp+ is an express transition from traditional company documents to electronic files in compliance with the highest standards of confidentiality of information. We take over responsibilities connected with digitalization and we offer comprehensive services customized to client’s individual preferences and needs

Digitalization of data and company documents provides

  • much more floor space
  • order in warehouses and offices
  • higher work efficiency 
  • access to documents stored in electronic archive
  • easy generation of files in any file format
  • security of confidential information

The scope of service

  • Contacting clients through online platform
  • Managing the exchange of company data
  • Centralized, constantly updated and accessible database allowing, among other things, entering of the same information and synchronising tasks
  • Creating an IT system for processing of feedback, suggestions, enquiries and requests
  • Facilitating contact and data exchange
  • Creating results databases on the basis of scanned and indexed 
  • Exporting data and pictures derived from paper documentation to external
  • Creating electronic archive on the basis of scanned and indexed documents
  • E-file (employee data archive)
  • Controlling of projects commissioned to service recipient
  • Comprehensive management
  • Quick access to information about client and their activity
  • Standardization of the client handling process
  • Multichannel communication with the client
  • Collecting, processing and popularizing of information 
  • Quick distribution of information inside and outside the company