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Full responsibility for the entire personnel / payroll system of values. A client commissioning personnel services is in control of remuneration principles, benefits policy, work time, leaves. The client transfers the administration of personnel and payroll ‘outside’. This service minimizes risk and frees the client from potential legal problems. The service offered includes a comprehensive model of personnel / payroll outsourcing. Decision about using our services does not mean the loss of control. We operate in accordance with the guidelines provided by the client.
Personnel / payroll outsourcing is a modern management method involving the transfer of tasks not directly related to the company’s business activity to a third party, so that the company can fully focus its resources on those areas that are the backbone of their activity, thus gaining edge on the competitive market
Hard HR

All administrative / payroll tasks related to personnel. Concluding employment contracts, calculating remuneration, making sure that the all formal matters of employees are realized in accordance with applicable labour and civil law, arranging and calculating leave times, handling appropriate computer software facilitating administrative tasks. Hard HR requires constant development and updating of knowledge due to changing laws and regulations of labour code

The scope of service

  • Setting up, administration and storing of personnel files in accordance with the applying labour code regulations
  • Completing personnel files with documents provided, also in the form of e-file (e-file allows storing and previewing of the electronic copy of an employee’s personal file in form of scans of original documents
  • Preparing employment agreements and civil law contracts
  • Calculating remuneration
  • Calculating remuneration for the time off-work caused by illness, sickness, maternity and attendance allowances, checking correctness of rules regarding awarding the right to sickness benefit
  • Issuing certificates
  • Issuing settlement documents
  • Controlling the validity of medical and occupational safety and health examinations
  • Issuing referral for periodic medical examinations
  • Establishing the holiday leave time in accordance with the applying labour code regulations and the company’s internal policy and the documents transferred
  • Registration of the submitted holiday leave application and sickness leave documents In the personnel / payroll system and their verification
  • Preparing reports on level of holiday leave utilisation
  • Registering employees in Social Security Company / discontinuing their medical coverage
  • Drawing-up  individual and collective declarations  for Social Security Company and their due transfer to  Social Security Company
  • Calculating current liabilities toward Social Security Company and tax offices (PIT-4, PIT-8A)
  • Annual remuneration tax settlement including the drawing-up of the appropriate tax declarations (PIT-11, PIT-4R) as well as performing annual tax settlement (PIT-40) for employees who submit the required declaration
  • Preparing reports on employment for General Statistics Office (GUS)
  • Representing client in front of state administration bodies
  • Help in preparing explanations, refutations and providing information and replies to appropriate bodies in scope of personnel activities
  • Day to day informing about changes in the laws and regulations which have influence on duties, especially on change of dates, scope and form of documents required and about actual results of these changes
  • Handling PFRON (National Fund for Handicapped People)
Soft HR

Comprises tasks related to assuring high quality of the personnel employed in the company. It includes activities such as recruitment and selection processes, analysis of the training needs, taking care of employees’ development, motivating (creating motivation systems, diagnosing problems in this area and finding solutions), co-creating strategies allowing the maximum engagement of the potential of employees for the development of the company

The scope of service

  • Organising the recruitment process
  • Overseeing the verification of applications
  • Contact with regional employment offices, personal consulting companies, training companies and employment agencies
  • Creating descriptions of job positions
  • Analysis of the company’s existing motivation system
  • Planning the employees’ career development paths
  • Organising training sessions
  • Integration activities
  • Introducing employee evaluations
  • Analysis of internal communication