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Financial Controlling

Financial controlling involves preparation of management information for company managers. In the long run it allows making more effective business decisions

The scope of service

  • Preparing the enterprise for the cyclic control of costs and appropriate appreciation of production
  • Preparing reports for a multilayer analysis of the sales profitability, including a report on unprofitable transactions
  • Preparing mechanisms for forecasting financial results
  • Costs budgeting, investments budgeting
Controlling of stock / logistics

Controlling of stock allows the establishment of the correct level of stock and its cyclic control. It helps prevent freezing of capital, blocking of storage space, and making decisions in scope of non-moving inventory

 The scope of service

  • Preparing the appropriate structure of warehouses and sub-warehouses, including, separate outsourcing of resources, semi-finished products, products and utilization management
  • Aging and moving of stock
  • Establishing global indicators and goals for logistics managers
  • Control of strategic stock purchases
  • Graphic control of stock – daily reports
  • Examining the effectiveness of logistics including stock movements, number of documents in stock management and the effectiveness of utilisation of storage space and its arrangement (easier access to faster moving inventory)
Controlling as a tool for controlling financial liquidity

It allows a day to day supervision of the company’s financial liquidity, searching for and releasing of frozen capital, as well as optimizing and choosing the right moment and amount of working capital facilities taken out. Proper reporting and high likelihood approach can protect an entrepreneur from lack of liquidity

The scope of service

  • Liabilities turnover
  • Payables turnover
  • Day to day analysis of level of financial resources
  • Monitoring payments with discounts  and discounts received / given
  • Strategy of acquiring capital in times of trouble with liquidity, including a review and evaluation of capability within the enterprise (the structure of: warehouse, outgoing payments and fixed assets) as well as external capability – bank loans, leasing, etc.
Production Controlling
Production controlling requires familiarization with and understanding of nature of  given industry and/or enterprise

It allows monitoring of results achieved by production managers and evaluating their work against the goals set. In the long run, optimizations implemented within production controlling guarantee not only return on company’s expenditures on production controlling but also a profit

The scope of service

  • Analysis of efficiency of the key assembly lines, including analysis of recurring problems, setting goals for production departments, constructing motivation systems
  • Detailed approach to analysis of production losses, pointing out losses related to technological process and suggesting alternative solutions enabling a controlled reduction in losses of resources
  • Controlling of production shortages and inaccuracies revealed by quality assurance bodies
  • Controlling of handling of complaints in relations to clients and suppliers
  • Controlling remuneration indicators, pay spines, overtime
  • Controlling costs of key media (gas, electricity, water)